With everything going on right now, who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a smart watch? Luckily in 2020, you don't have to, because there are affordable smartwatch options all over the place these days. We test out all of the low price smart watches on Amazon, and possibly the best smartwatch under $50 right now would be the UMIDIGI Uwatch2, currently selling for around $37, depending on the market.

Back when they first came out, a smart watch was a fairly major investment, but my how the landscape has changed over the last couple of years! Today it is getting harder and harder to recommend the best cheap smartwatch, since all of the cheap ones are starting to get pretty good. Still, even though most smart watches today offer excellent features, performance, and battery life, there are still differentiating factors to consider when comparing models.

This UMIDIGI Uwatch2 model covers all of the basics that most smart watches have. You get all of the fitness tools, trackers, trainers, and the like. You get IP67 waterproof rating as standard, activity and heart rate monitoring, step tracking, workout logging and more. The watch plays well with both Android and iPhone devices, so you don't have to worry about what kind of phone you have. Battery life is rated at an impressive 7-10 days which is excellent for a watch in this category. What's more, the manufacturer offers a 12 month money-back guarantee on the device, should you end up not liking it.

This model is available in both black and gold variants. The black model (pictured} also has a nice looking metal band which is comfortable on the arm. The gold option includes a pink band. Both models include an extra silicon band in the package (at least ours did).

The Uwatch2 comes highly recommended by verified purchasers on Amazon, with a 4 star average rating. Below are some highlights of what other testers thought of the watch:
TheLion said:The fact that this UWatch2 does what my older Fitbit Charge2 does at a fraction of the costs is a bit surprising. I've bought other Umidigi products in the past (A1 Pro, A3 and the Q1 wireless charger) and the products seem to good and it's hard to bash something that cost so reasonable - especially if it actually works! I'll probably be wearing this UWatch2 for some time now and will update if there are any new developments.
Fred Garvin said:I've used a few entry level smart watches in the past and most feel and look like toy watches a kid might wear. But I've been pleasantly surprised by the Umidigi Uwatch2 and think it's a fantastic value. First off it comes packaged nicely and looks and feels premium when you first open it. My intial thought was "wow, this would make an impressive gift that wouldn't break the bank". It comes with two bands, a premium looking metal dress band and a more utilitarian rubber band. The metal band I wear when going out and the rubber band I use for exercising.
Riley said:So far it's been good. I tested side by side the Heart rate ( i think the most important feature) with my old watch and this one and they're not far off. The bonus of this is they included extra straps. The metal one has a nice luxury feel to it like a premium watch type and the magnetic lock clasps well. The other strap is like the regular athletic one. I guess for different occasions. The watch face isn't too bulky either which is a good thing. The display is large and easy to read and there are no buttons so i guess it's even more water-resistant. It has other features like camera shutter which I use to connect my phone via bluetooth to click my phone's shutter.
The UMIDIGI Uwatch2 is really a great smart watch at any price, but especially at this price. It has all of the features you would expect from the big name brand manufacturers, but at a mere fraction of the cost, which is what we are always looking for here at Better Smart Watches. Check it out over on Amazon and see what you think, because this is one cheap smart watch that is hard to pass up!